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Magicecole Academy


On-offline blended learning system 👍

Introduced teaching methods such as Kaggle, Ecole42 and Minerva Schools.

Experience change in education at Magic Ecole.

Magic Ecole is an online and offline blended learning system that reflects the education methods of Kaggle, Ecole 42, and Minerva Schools, which are global education trends.

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A hands-on learning process.

Provide the lastest AI, Data Analysis, IoT Maker, and Programming classes for the new normal times.

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Adaptive DT Learning

It is a smart learning system that can provide and manage offline classes as well as online classes according to the situation of the institution/school.

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Want to know which training is right for your institution?

Customize the features and training courses you need for training.
We will open a dedicated course for each company and school. 👋

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